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Free-to-access Data Dashboard launches to help charities with their legacy strategies

Melanie May | 6 December 2023 | News

A woman's hand on a computer mouse, also holding a pen. By Vojtech Okenka on Pexels

A free-to-use online Data Dashboard has been launched to provide UK charities with easy access to current legacy giving market trends and forecasts for the medium and long-term.

Sharing key facts, figures and metrics, the Data Dashboard aims to help charities in their strategic decision-making when planning and investing in legacy fundraising within their organisations. 

The data has been made available by Legacy Futures in partnership with Remember A Charity. The statistics come from a variety of sources including Legacy Foresight’s Legacy Monitor, Remember A Charity’s consumer tracking, and public domain information from the Charity Commission. 


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The statistics in the Data Dashboard are from the financial year 2022/23, and include: 

Source: Top 1,000 legacy charities drawn from the Charity Commission Register of Charities 2021/22
Data included in the Dashboard. Source: Top 1,000 legacy charities drawn from the Charity Commission Register of Charities 2021/22

The data will be updated annually every November in line with the release of Legacy Futures’ Annual Market Briefing.

Legacy Futures’ CEO, Ashley Rowthorn, commented: 

“Having easy access to this information will help not-for-profits make all-important decisions for their own legacy fundraising strategies, which will in turn help ensure the legacy giving market remains resilient and continues to thrive. Only when charities are kept abreast of the market outlook and changing behaviours is it possible for them to make well informed decisions which best serve their organisations and stakeholders in both the short and longer terms.”

Head of Legacies at British Red Cross and incoming Chair of Remember A Charity, Anaish Yilma-Parmar, said: 

“The legacy market continues to develop at pace, becoming increasingly important for a growing number of charities. The income generated, however, can take many years to materialise, and therefore legacy fundraisers need solid insight to help secure resource and funding, to inspire the gifts of tomorrow. The Data Dashboard is a great asset to anyone looking to develop or grow their legacy programme and will aid the sector to keep an eye on the latest trends and opportunities.”