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Framework launched to promote ethical AI practices in fundraising

Howard Lake | 27 July 2023 | News

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The first Framework toward Responsible AI for Fundraising has been published by Fundraising.AI, a collaborative initiative within the fundraising and nonprofit sector. The group aims to promote ethical Artificial Intelligence practices in the nonprofit fundraising sector.

The framework has been tailored by a range of nonprofit professionals “to address the ethical considerations and responsible use of artificial intelligence in the fundraising profession”.

Created in 2020, Fundraising.AI is a member-driven initiative. Over the past year, a group of over 90 thought leaders and subject matter experts have contributed hundreds of hours to the creation of the Framework. They shared a recognition that it is essential to ensure the responsible implementation of the powerful tools that artificial intelligence has already presented to fundraisers.


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The Framework includes an emphasis on sustainable fundraising, and the Fundraising.AI initiative itself is brand agnostic and independent. There is a clear recognition that charities’ use of artificial intelligence has to safeguard the hard-earned public trust in the nonprofit sector.

"Advances in Al will transform how social sector organizations fundraise, engage supporters, and inspire generosity. Responsible adoption means building sector capacity to understand both the potentials and risks of Al while keeping pace with this emerging technology."

Quote from Woodrow Rosenbaum, Chief Data Officer, Giving Tuesday

Framework Toward Responsible AI for Fundraising

The Framework has been developed in alignment with existing international AI guidelines and best practices for nonprofits.

It is designed as a tool for nonprofit professionals, social good organisations, consulting firms and technology providers, offering them “a comprehensive roadmap to navigate the responsible use of AI for fundraising”.

It features 10 tenets to define and guide responsible AI for fundraising practices.

Nathan Chappell, co-founder of Fundraising.AI, and co-author of The Generosity Crisis: The Case for Radical Connection to Solve Humanity’s Greatest Challenges, emphasised the value of retaining trust in the face of such transformational technology developments. He said:

“Building a Responsible AI Framework for fundraising that protects and prioritises trust is the single greatest imperative facing the modern nonprofit… This Framework fills a critical gap in the nonprofit sector, providing fundraisers, consulting firms and technology providers with clear guidelines and principles for leveraging AI technology responsibly.”


Fundraising.AI invites professionals, organisations, and stakeholders in the nonprofit sector to explore the Framework and join the movement toward responsible AI use in fundraising. Chappell explains:

“Through collaborative learning, research, and best practice sharing, Fundraising.AI aims to ensure that AI is utilised ethically and effectively to advance charitable missions”.

The group invites others to show their support for the Framework. By endorsing it, “individuals, service firms and developers demonstrate their commitment to promoting Responsible AI practices necessary to fostering a thriving charitable giving sector”.

You can also join 1,750 followers of Fundraising.AI on LinkedIn.

Fundraising.AI summit

The collaborative is hosting the Fundraising.AI Global Summit on 23-24 October 2023. 📅

The virtual event will be a forum for both nonprofit and for-profit professionals “to dive deep into AI’s role in fundraising”. It is free to attend and registrations are now open.

The summit will tackle ethical quandaries and discuss transparency, accountability, privacy, security, and legal compliance in AI usage. All of this is to “ensure that as nonprofits adopt AI, they do so while upholding their core values”.

Thirty speakers have been announced and the event will feature two tracks, one for practitioners and one for providers.

“With dedicated tracks for AI application and exploring the consequences of irresponsible AI, our aim is to provide a nuanced understanding of Responsible AI in the fundraising sector”.