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CIOF seeks Rising Stars for Fundraising Convention

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The Chartered Institute of Fundraising is searching for Rising Stars in the fundraising profession who would like the opportunity to speak at this year’s Fundraising Convention, with the help of a mentor.

It wants to showcase the talent of those who have joined the fundraising sector in the last two years and who have a big idea for the future of fundraising.

This includes people who have demonstrated an innovative use of data, the development of fantastic corporate partnerships or the diversifying of income streams in other areas of fundraising.


How to move from Fundraiser to CEO - by Bruce Tait. Upwards white arrow on blue background.

Successful applicants will be paired with a mentor who will help them shape their idea and develop it into a seven-minute presentation to deliver at the Fundraising Convention 2023.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 12 April. Those interested can apply here and must provide a brief on what their talk would be about.

This year’s Fundraising Convention takes place on 3 & 4 July, at the new location of London’s QEII Centre.

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