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Crisis for charities set to be deeper than expected, data suggests

Melanie May | 6 December 2022 | News

two people examine data in graphs, by Kampus Products on Pexels

The crisis will be deeper than originally thought for the sector, data from Charity Excellence suggests.

Charity Excellence’s monthly charity sector cost of living crisis update and forecast of the impact on charities began in August this year and uses Charity Excellence Big Data to provide an oversight of how well charities and voluntary organisations are responding to the cost of living crisis as well as what the future might look like. 

Its 1 December update suggests that the crisis will be both deeper and longer than Covid, primarily to the huge funding gap charities are experiencing, which is being made worse by inflation driving up costs and eroding the real value of income, the increase in demand and people challenges. Pressures on public sector funding pose an additional risk to charities reliant on public sector contracts. 


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

Looking at the areas of funding, demand, people and resilience, Charity Excellence’s update notes:

Charity Excellence highlights the impact of the crisis on the sector’s people as a growing problem, saying:

“Our people are often low paid/unpaid and significant numbers work in challenging roles, which the crisis will make more challenging.  However, few have access to organisational or union welfare support.  The financial situation is understandably getting most attention but, our only huge asset are our people, and we think this is a major and growing risk.”

In the near term, Charity Excellence predicts that the crisis will be at its worst in Quarter 1 of 2023, with significant risk of widespread charity insolvencies. Longer-term, based on sector resilience being largely driven by the economic conditions, it doesn’t expect to see any significant improvement until 2024.

The full update can be accessed on the Charity Excellence site.

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