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Melanie May | 26 October 2022 | News

A still from a WWF TV ad showing a mother and daughter reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea

From a TV ad for WWF by WPNC, to Brevio’s appointment by People’s Postcode Lottery to conduct due diligence checks on shortlisted funding applicants, here’s a short round up.

WPNC creates TV ad for WWF

WPNC has created a 60-second ad for WWF, highlighting its Adopt A Tiger appeal, and using the well-known children’s story The Tiger Who Came To Tea.

Earlier in 2022 the global wildlife charity secured a licensing agreement with publisher HarperCollins for Judith Kerr’s book.


How to move from Fundraiser to CEO - by Bruce Tait. Upwards white arrow on blue background.

The 60-second ad, airing from October on TV channels including Channel 5, Sky News and Yesterday, shows a young girl and her grandma reading The Tiger Who Came To Tea. They discuss the tiger’s status as an endangered species, and how donations can support them in future. The ad will be supported with digital marketing.

The campaign has been specifically devised to diversify WWF’s TV creative executions and attract new audiences to the charity. While previous campaigns have generally focused on footage of an endangered animal, the Tiger ad is designed to encourage families to discover more about WWF’s work.

The aim is to engage a family audience, primarily animal lovers and fans of the story, drawing upon the nostalgia of the book which is loved by generations of people.

The ad is airing ahead of the key Christmas donation period, and encourages viewers to adopt a tiger in the wild by making a regular gift.

Islamic Relief Worldwide partners with Embridge Consulting

Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) has selected digital transformation consultancy Embridge Consulting to deliver Unit4 ERP to modernise its business operations.

Embridge Consulting will be working with Unit4 to replace IRW’s existing ERP system and improve the efficiency of its day-to-day operations. This includes enabling seamless, end-to-end business process automation, standardising data and integration, aligning work functions, increasing data transparency, and improving organisational efficiency and responsiveness. 

The global nature of IRW’s work means the charity needs to operate with multiple currencies and have reporting available at global, national, and regional levels. It also means that any central system needs to be capable of interfacing with other systems and applications, including fundraising CRMs, which will be addressed as part of the project.

Embridge will be providing a solution that will enable IRW’s team to leverage automation and improve the user experience.

Gympanzees appoints BOM IT Solutions as tech partner

Bristol-based IT services provider BOM IT Solutions has become the technology partner of Bristol-based charity, Gympanzees.

Gympanzees delivers fully inclusive leisure facilities for disabled children, young people and their families. The charity has a vision to provide every disabled child and young person in the UK with a life filled with exercise, play and friendship, by building the first Gympanzees leisure centre in Bristol, that will cater to the 60,000 disabled children and young people within an hour of the city.

The charity recently launched an appeal to raise £2.2 million to fund the building of a new permanent centre which will replace the pop-up play centre it currently relies on. BOM IT Solutions will support Gympanzees over the next three years, donating time and resources, including free ongoing IT support services and technical systems within the facility.

Brevio partners with People’s Postcode Lottery to facilitate safer grant-giving

Brevio has been retained in 2022 by People’s Postcode Lottery to conduct due diligence checks on all shortlisted applicants to People’s Postcode Trust, Postcode Neighbourhood Trust, Postcode Local Trust, Postcode Places Trust, Postcode Community Trust and Postcode Society Trust. This is to help grant-makers check that their money is going to legitimate, well run charitable organisations who will use it for their intended purpose.

Brevio validates data supplied by grant applicants at the pre-assessment stage, and then runs a battery of additional checks in four key areas: Governance Documents, Financial Accounts, Regulatory Filings, and Online Presence. The collation and cross-referencing of data is largely automated but all applications are reviewed by an expert team of analysts before recommendations are made.