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Fundraising Regulator & CIoF issue advice for charities during period of mourning

The Fundraising Regulator and the Chartered Institute of Fundraising have issued a joint statement expressing their sadness at the Queen’s death and providing advice to help charities and donors.

The statement draws attention to the government guidance on national mourning, which covers, among other things, the half-masting of flags, how observing mourning can affect the continuation of business, events and sporting fixtures, websites and social media; and tributes.


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In addition, the Regulator and Chartered Institute have issued this specific guidance:


Carefully consider any planned events, including large scale fundraising events that are due to take place during the period of national mourning, and in particular on the day of the State Funeral. In addition to government guidance the decision on whether to continue with planned events should sit with Trustees and senior leadership teams. 

Online, social media, and email fundraising

Carefully consider any digital campaigns or email activity that was due to take place during the period of national mourning, considering whether it is still appropriate to post or send and being sensitive to the public mood. 

In-person activity

Consider how activity taking place around Royal Residences and in other key ceremonial locations may be affected, particularly in the areas around Westminster and Windsor. Please also refer to guidance from the Devolved Administrations and Local Authorities on their websites.


Charities with links to the royal family, including those with royal patronages, will be advised by the Royal Household of any changes in due course. 

Commemorative activity

Charities wishing to arrange any commemorative activity should make sure their activity is in line with existing standards and guidance provided by the Fundraising Regulator and be alert for any updated information.

Commemorative giving

People may wish to pay tribute to The Queen’s remarkable legacy, by supporting one or more of the charitable causes that she championed during her lifetime. This includes donating to one of Her Majesty’s many patronages. More information can be found on the Royal Website

By supporting registered charities, the public can be assured that their donations will be regulated in line with the charity law framework. Donors can check the Charity Register at and are advised to look out for the Fundraising Badge – the logo that says ‘registered with Fundraising Regulator’. They can also check the Fundraising Regulator’s Directory of organisations which have committed to fundraise in line with the Code of Fundraising Practice.

Further guidance on giving safely to charity is also available on the Fundraising Regulator’s website.

NCVO briefing sessions

The NCVO has also issued guidance, and will be hosting two briefing sessions next week, providing advice and guidance on the period of mourning and considerations for charities and volunteering.

These are taking place on 13 and 14 September as webinars. In them, NCVO will explain how charities and volunteering will be affected in the weeks ahead, and discuss what organisations should do and consider during the 10-day period of national mourning and the weeks and months that follow. More information is available at the links below.