60% of charities now have a digital strategy

Melanie May | 14 July 2021 | News

Cover of Charity Digital Skills Report 2021

The pandemic has served to accelerate some areas of charities’ digital development, with 60% now having a digital strategy in place, according to the latest Charity Digital Skills Report. Other areas however, have seen little progress.

Now in its fifth year, the Charity Digital Skills Report is an annual barometer of digital skills, attitudes and support needs across the sector. The report tracks how these have changed year on year and analyses how other key building blocks for digital change are progressing, including understanding user needs, leadership, strategy and governance.

This year, the survey has been redeveloped to ask new questions to uncover the trends in these areas as well as other topics, such as the future of work and what charities anticipate doing with digital as we come out of the pandemic.


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The report shows that the pandemic has been a push for the sector to embrace digital with the aim of staying relevant, helping more people and developing new ways of working, fundraising and offering services. However, whilst there has been acceleration in some areas of charities’ digital development, there has been little progress in others.

Key findings

The survey saw 365 charity professionals participate. Close to 90% of respondents were from registered charities and 49% were from organisations with turnover under £1 million. Over a third of responses (36%) came from CEOs or those in leadership teams, closely followed by those in digital roles (31%).


The full report can be downloaded here, and authors, Zoe Amar (Zoe Amar Digital), Laura Clough (Skills Platform) and Nissa Ramsay (Think Social Tech) are holding a webinar today, Wednesday 14 July 1-2pm to discuss the results and what can be learned from them.