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CAF Resilience Fund distributes first £10m

Melanie May | 5 February 2021 | News

The CAF Resilience Fund has now distributed more than £10m to charitable organisations in England supporting those hardest hit by Covid-19.
Grants have ranged from £10k to £100k to both registered and unregistered small and mid-sized charitable organisations.  The average amount awarded was £30,000 and the grants are flexible meaning organisations can spend them on core costs such as rent and utilities as well as delivering front line services.
The causes and communities which have benefitted from the fund include children and young people, individuals and communities living in poverty, people with learning or physical disabilities, the homeless, BAME communities, those experience mental health conditions, victims of abuse, and communities facing health inequalities.
The funding for the CAF Resilience Fund has been provided by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Community Match Challenge funding scheme, part of the Government’s £750m coronavirus support package for charities.  The Community Match Challenge matched funding is provided by the Covid-19 Support Fund created by the insurance and long-term savings industry (#CommunitiesCan).
Monica Brown, Head of Charity Advisory at CAF, said:

“This money has been targeted at those areas of the country where the need is greatest, towards communities who have struggled to access earlier funding, at those facing cultural barriers and those who have lacked a voice through these long and difficult months.”

Lynne Misner, Chief Executive of the charity Small Acts of Kindness, said:


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“The funding from the CAF Resilience Fund has meant that we could respond to additional demand for our Warm in Winter gift bags containing essential keep warm items and information for older people.
“We have been able to ensure that thousands of lonely and vulnerable older people across Hertfordshire, many of whom have been isolating for months, were warm in their homes when the weather turned cold.
“In a challenging year for small charities like ours this funding has made all the difference, allowing us to keep going, feel more secure and support those in need.”