CRUK launches its first EDI strategy

Melanie May | 1 February 2021 | News

Cancer Research UK, has launched its first charity-wide Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategy.

The strategy outlines the charity’s commitments and sets out the immediate actions it will take in its drive to improve, and accelerate progress and change. 

Touching on all aspects of the charity’s work, it aims to:


 The EDI strategy is also underpinned by a number of principles:

Michelle Mitchell, Cancer Research UK Chief Executive, said:

“We’re a large organisation, employing thousands of people and supported by many thousands more volunteers. We believe we have a clear responsibility to address inequalities and to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in all of these areas.

“I’m thrilled that we’re taking this step forward as a charity. We have made significant progress over recent years, but we have much further to go. We are publishing this strategy in the spirit of transparency, so we’ll publish our progress each year and we’ll be open about where we can improve.”

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