New edition of Major Gift Fundraising from SPMfundessentials

Howard Lake | 21 October 2020 | News

Specialist fundraising publisher SPMfundessentials has published a new edition of its guide ‘Major Gift Fundraising’.
The book, written by Peter Maple and James K Myers, guides the reader through the essential elements – and potential pitfalls – of soliciting large gifts for charitable causes. It is part of the Charity First Series of guides to various fundraising disciplines.
The authors examine the skills and processes required to identify and ask major donors for a substantial gift. They cover ask individuals, trusts and foundations, and companies.
The process usually takes time, of course. As they point out: “If you ask for money too soon you’ll get advice. If you ask for advice and listen to it and respond appropriately, in the fullness of time you’ll probably get money.”
Topics covered include:

Peter Maple is senior philanthropy academic fellow and researcher at St Mary’s and London South Bank Universities and was previously on the editorial board of the leading journal Voluntary Sector Review. 
James Myers founded the European Association for Philanthropy and Giving, a not-for-profit membership body that brings charities, legal advisers and financial intermediaries together for more effective and efficient philanthropy, and is now known as Philanthropy Impact. He is also a partner of Social Partnership Marketing LLP.
C Tom Davis, Teaching Fellow, Department of Marketing, Events and Tourism at the University of Greenwich, described the title as “a very useful book for anyone seeking to learn the fundamentals of major gift fundraising in one sitting!”
He added: “It is this constantly changing world that Major Gift Fundraising seeks to navigate, and it does so very well, by providing just enough to understand the dimensions of each topic, but not too much to throw out what is a good balance
of advice and information.”
Major Gift Fundraising by Peter Maple and James K Myers is available in PDF for £8.50. Sample content can be downloaded for free.

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