Societe Generale invites applications for three-year charity partnership

Howard Lake | 30 September 2020 | News

European financial services group Societe Generale is planning its next three-year charity partnership as part of the corporate social responsibility programme across the UK. It is inviting applications from eligible charities for the partnership which will start in April 2021.
Societe Generale UK’s current partnership is with CLIC Sargent, and it is on track to raise over £1 million for the cancer support charity for children, young people and families.

Societe Generale’s CSR strategy

Societe Generale’s global CSR goals focus on inclusion through employability and education. Its CSR programmes are benchmarked against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals aligned with its priority, which is to contribute to the positive transformation of economies and societies. As such it is focused on skills development.
In the UK, Societe Generale focuses its CSR efforts on supporting individuals who are typically under-represented in financial services, such as BAME communities, women, and those from low-socio economic backgrounds, to develop their skills and increase their employment prospects.

Which projects are eligible?

Societe Generale’s UK charity partnership forms the fundraising element of the bank’s UK CSR programme and has a partnership value of up to £250,000 per annum.
The bank will fund a project (or projects) that has a focus on boosting employment or the employability skills of its beneficiaries, enabling the bank to work with the partner towards a common goal over a three-year partnership.
The project(s) should have “a clear impact that staff can engage with and feel passionate about across all UK office locations, including the possibility to fundraise in each location”.
To be eligible charities must be able to offer, among other things:



How to apply

UK charities interested in the partnership should:
1. Complete the bank’s eligibility questionnaire to determine whether they meet its requirements. Only eligible charities may proceed to the next stage.
2. Download the key information and context for charities guide for details of the bank’s expectations and requirements.
3. Complete and submit the application form available here by Friday 30 October 2020.

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