nfpSynergy monitor shows proportion giving sank to record low this summer

Melanie May | 25 September 2020 | News

The percentage of people donating dropped over the summer, according to nfpSynergy’s latest Charity Awareness Monitor, with 54% of people questioned in August saying they had given in the last three months – a 15% fall from the previous quarter.
This is the lowest level ever recorded by nfpSynergy, with the 45-54 age bracket seeing the biggest drop. The AB social group however saw the lowest drop, with 70% saying they had given in the previous three months, down from 79% in the previous period.
28% overall also said they had given less in last 12 months than previous years – again a record low.
Regular giving however has held up according to nfpSynergy’s data, with 22% saying they have a direct debit or standing order, and 18% via a charity website, with membership up slightly at 15%.
Buying from and giving to charity shops was also down. 27% bought something from a charity shop in August, falling from 44% in January, while a third donated to a charity shop, down from 47% at the beginning of the year.
However, 63% of the public believe charities should continue to fundraise, while 17% of donors expect to give more to charity in the next 12 months, compared to 12% who expect to give less.
nfpSynergy surveys a representative sample of the UK general public – 1,000 adults, aged 16+ for its Charity Awareness Monitor research. A blog on the findings is available on the nfpSynergy site.

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