Lockdown sees rise in donations through children’s pre-paid debit card card

Melanie May | 29 June 2020 | News

Prepaid Visa debit card for children gohenry has seen donations to NSPCC by its users rise 22% since lockdown. 
The NSPCC and gohenry have been working together since 2018 with the app allowing children to give one-off and regular donations to the charity. Since the start of the lockdown over £21,000 has been donated. Six-to-nine-year-olds led the biggest upturn, with a 34% increase in donations from this age group.
The figures are taken from 23,008 gohenry children for the six weeks following the start of lockdown, compared to the six weeks before.
Louise Hill, co-founder and COO of gohenry, said:

“We are all about teaching kids healthy money habits and our giving function means they can make the choice to support others who need an extra hand during difficult times too.”
“Our ethos is to empower children to earn, save, spend, and give responsibly in a safe environment. By providing an in-app donation option, children as young as six are able to learn how even a small amount of money can make a big difference to the world around them. It’s heart-warming to see donations from our kind-spirited young community increase during this period of lockdown, which has had a huge impact on charities’ ability to fundraise.”

Mike McGrath, Head of Partnerships at the NSPCC commented:

“Raising this huge amount of money is a fantastic achievement by young people who are learning how their money can help others. Their kind donations enable us to still be here for children who need us now more than ever.”


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