Graphic Traffic course available online and in weekly subscription email

Melanie May | 4 May 2020 | News

UK Fundraising’s Graphic Traffic course on creating and using images and video to support charities’ digital fundraising and comms is now available in two online formats.
The half-day course, which has been run by Howard Lake for eight years around the UK, is now available as a live two-part course over two days and as a weekly email update.

Live course

The course is now available as two one-hour live sessions with a one week gap in which to practise some of the ideas and try out some of the different approaches and tools that are featured.
The course will take place on Zoom, and is designed to include the hands-on participative element of the original course. It covers how to create images that help a charity or social enterprise stand out, show its impact and help inspire action or a response.
It covers both images and videos, always with an emphasis on free, quick and easy to use tools that create something that is ‘good enough’. It is more than a straightforward how-to-take-good-photos or how-to-use-your-smartphone-camera-effectively course. Past courses have seen delegates making use of household or office items that were to hand, from sticky notes, through coloured paper, and sweets. Lego minifigs were also on hand, as were fridge magnet letters, chocolate finger biscuits and Love Heart sweets!
The online version is also appropriate for small businesses, many of whom now need to do their best to stand out on their digital channels.
It’s also the first time that the course has been available to fundraisers outside the UK.
The first course takes place on 19 and 26 May, and booking is open.

Weekly image and video tips and tools by email

Graphic Traffic - coloured flower petals
Graphic Traffic is also available as a weekly subscription newsletter. Each week it features a different app, tool or resource for creating and using images and video in marketing or fundraising material. The newsletter costs £7 a month to subscribe to.
The two Graphic Traffic products are separate, but complement each other. In some ways the Graphic Traffic News update is a useful resource to sign up for after attending the hands-on lessons of the live course. It will help highlight yet more tools and ideas with which to implement what has been learned on the course.
But it stands on its own too, and is useful for those who perhaps are already comfortable creating and using images and video in their charity or small business communications, and are simply looking for new inspiration or different ways to present visual content.
Graphic Traffic news is available for subscription and has a seven-day free trial.




Some past examples

Past courses have been promoted in a number of ways that highlight some of the effects or tools we come across:




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