Fundraising Regulator publishes guidance to help public in setting up appeals

Melanie May | 22 April 2020 | News

The Fundraising Regulator has published new guidance to help the public in setting up their own fundraising appeals and raising money for charity.

The new guidance has been released in response to the public’s fundraising efforts during the current pandemic and is designed to support people in making sure that their fundraising appeals are legal, ethical and have the best chance of success.

It sets out ten steps to help those who would like to raise money by setting up an appeal online, including making sure there is a need for the appeal, that it has a clear purpose, and that they are transparent with their appeals and where the money raised will go. The steps also include using a trusted payment system to receive money, and ensuring they are aware of the legal implications of fundraising this way.

The publication of the guidance follows the Regulator’s joint advice with the Charity Commission last month to help the public give safely during the pandemic.

Fundraising Regulator Chief Executive, Gerald Oppenheim, said:

“The generosity of the British public during this crisis has been heartening, and it has been inspiring to see innovative new ways of fundraising emerge, resulting in huge amounts of money being raised for worthy causes.

“As the nation continues to respond to the pandemic, we hope that our new guidance equips the public with the know-how they need to set up a successful fundraising appeal, whilst also ensuring it meets the standards that are set out in the Code of Fundraising Practice.”

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