STV offers £1m Local Lifeline to charities & local businesses

Melanie May | 6 April 2020 | News

Scottish broadcaster STV has launched a £1m initiative to support local charities and businesses impacted by the coronavirus.
Through Local Lifeline, an extension of its Growth Fund, STV has committed £1m of airtime to charities and businesses working to sustain their organisations whilst helping the vulnerable in their communities.
As well as celebrating local businesses that are helping others whilst unable to operate their usual services, STV is working with the STV Children’s Appeal to identify community charities that would benefit from TV exposure to tell their stories and help further their work.
STV is producing the adverts free of charge, which will appear on TV, on the STV Player and on Each 30-second commercial will be bespoke to the business or charity’s region, with multiple organisations featuring across the country. Ads will be scheduled across the STV schedule throughout the day to maximise their impact and reach.
The campaign went live on 31 March.

Simon Pitts, CEO of STV, said:

“These are hugely challenging times and no one is untouched by this crisis – but some are affected more than others. The Local Lifeline campaign recognises and celebrates those community heroes who are thinking creatively to help others, and the charities who are working tirelessly to help the most vulnerable across the country.”
“These charities and small businesses would never normally access TV advertising but we believe their actions should be recognised across the country. We want to use the massive reach that we have to help share their stories with millions of viewers, outlining how people can help and inspiring others in these difficult times. It is our intention to share over 100 stories of resilience, innovation and community kindness on STV over the next few weeks.”