Fundraising platform Give A Dinner Party seeks founding event hosts for April launch

Melanie May | 20 February 2020 | News

Charity fundraising platform Give A Dinner Party launches at the end of April, and is appealing for people to sign up as Founding Hosts and organise events.
The online platform aims to make it simple for people to organise and sell tickets for mini charity fundraising events, such as dinner parties, picnics, barbecues or cocktail evenings, and give the proceeds directly to a charity of their choice registered on the platform.
Via the platform, hosts can set up an event, choose how many guests they want to invite, and how much will go to their chosen charity. Give A Dinner Party events can take place anywhere, such as in a home, a restaurant, an office, a pub or a community hall.
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The website will enable hosts to involve their friends and family, but also to invite new people with common interests, as visitors to the website will be able to search for events to attend and people with whom they have something in common. Hosts will have the final say on who can come. 
Give A Dinner Party will launch first in Brighton, and as well as being able to give the direct ticket sale proceeds to their chosen charity, its first ‘Founding Hosts’ will also have the opportunity to nominate their charity to become a lifetime member of Give A Dinner Party’s profit share scheme, which will see 20% of all profits go to good causes. Give A Dinner Party’s revenue will come purely from a booking fee when a ticket is purchased.
A limited number of these first spots are available so those interested are encouraged to register at
Co-founder Mark Viegas has set up Give A Dinner Party with his wife Sze Lin (both pictured, main image). Having set up a vintage Tea Room in their village in Kent, they noticed how many people came in on their own to have a chat.
Co-Founder Mark Viegas said:

“We realised then that there was a silent epidemic of loneliness. In today’s society people often live far away from their families and childhood friends. It’s a sad fact that it’s easier to get a date than to make new friends.
“Our platform is designed to bring people together and lend a helping hand to the causes that need our help. It’s also accessible to virtually everyone.”
“If Brighton likes this, we aim to roll the concept out across the UK and beyond. Our mission is to bring a smiling face and a helping hand from Brighton to Timbuktu. As a business we’ve committed 20% of all profits to charity for life via our Founding Host scheme.”


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