Change and Co - conquer the cost-of-giving crisis. launches user account version

Melanie May | 4 December 2019 | News has released a new user account version that enables users to keep track of special occasions, schedule e-cards in advance, and track their carbon savings from donations given in lieu of greeting cards. lets people send e-cards and donate what they would have paid for a physical greetings card to charity. It has been scaling up its user base for five years and has developed the new version in response to feedback from charity partners and donors.
Once their first gift to charity has been made, DontSendMeACard will email users an activation link to access their account, from which they will be able to monitor their donations and carbon savings, and manage the sending of cards, all from the one interface. They can also invite others to join them on the platform. has attracted over 500 charities to date, including Salvation Army, Shelter and Dogs Trust. Charity partners can use the platform’s functionality to design and upload their own e-card designs that supporters can send for special occasions.
Alex Furness, co-founder of said:

“The intention is to move entirely away from cards and support charities with the cost. Many have had a go at providing an alternative to buying high-street cards. Our differentiator is that our users not only get to give back and help the environment, but mark occasions in a fun way too. Our new account version progresses this massively into a complete solution for cards year-round.”



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