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One in three people worldwide lack confidence in charities, says Gallup survey

One in three people worldwide lack confidence in charities, says Gallup survey

A slim majority of the world’s adults (52%) say they have confidence in the charitable organisations and NGOs in their respective countries, while 32% say they have none, according to a Gallup survey.

The global study of public attitudes on science and health saw Gallup and Wellcome ask people worldwide about their confidence in charitable and nongovernmental organisations.

The top five countries where people expressed the highest confidence in charities and NGOs spanned a range of geographies and levels of economic development and were Malta (79%), Rwanda (76%), Iceland (75%), Mauritius (75%) and the Philippines (74%).

The bottom five countries where people had the least confidence were Russia, Peru (both 29%), Colombia (28%), Greece (25%), and Bulgaria (24%).

In the UK, 62% of the adults asked said they had confidence in charitable organisations and NGOS with 30% saying they did not, while 8% didn’t know.

Overall, the study found that people living in low-income countries expressed slightly more confidence (57%) in such organisations than both the global average and those living in high-income countries (52%).

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