WaterAid launches Fempowered – natural period products that give back

Melanie May | 29 May 2019 | News

WaterAid has launched an eco-friendly sanitary subscription box that gives back to women and girls globally.
Fempowered launched on Menstrual Hygiene Day and offers natural, eco-friendly plastic-free sanitary products from Kind Organic by subscription.
Subscribers can choose a pack that suits their monthly flow while helping women and girls prepare for and manage their periods through the provision of toilets, clean water and menstrual hygiene education programmes.
The monthly subscription cost is £10.00 but for the first three months it is available at a discount offer of £9 with a code: IAMFEMPOWERED. All profits go to WaterAid.
The launch is part of the charity’s wider work to end the silence, taboos, and discrimination around periods and ensure women and girls everywhere have access to the knowledge, support, facilities and sanitary materials they need.
Thérèse Mahon, Menstrual Hygiene Management Specialist at WaterAid, said:

“WaterAid is excited to be uniting and empowering women across the world through period power with the launch of our new initiative – Fempowered. By signing up, you can get natural, organic and disposable period products delivered to your door. At the same time, you can be part of a movement to break the silence around periods and transform lives through improved access to clean water, decent sanitation and practical menstrual hygiene information. Together, we want to end menstrual discrimination that restricts women and girls.”

Natalie Rowley from Kind Organic said:


“We’re proud to be working with WaterAid on its Fempowered initiative. Kind Organic sanitary products are kind to skin, the environment and farmers. Organic cotton is an ethical and eco-friendly choice, as it protects those who grow it and its surrounding environment. Organic farming uses less water during production, fewer pesticides and is simply a more sustainable practice. Kind’s products are also free from rayon, fragrance, chlorine bleach and any artificial absorbents. Organic cotton is naturally breathable and soft in texture, making it ideal for period care.
“We also use recyclable and biodegradable materials wherever possible; our pads are wrapped in a biodegradable film for example and our tampon applicators are biodegradable cardboard and have recyclable paper wrappers.”

Other charities have also linked menstruation with monthly giving – this year for example saw IWITOT won by British Red Cross’s Camille St Omer Donaldson, who wished she had thought of Bloody Good Period’s Festive Period campaign. The campaign asked people to fill up their virtual stocking with period products, and also built in a regular giving ask.
Main image: WaterAid/ Georgie Lord