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JGA adds enhanced programme features to Secret Giver Scheme

JGA adds enhanced programme features to Secret Giver Scheme

John Grain Associates (JGA) has announced that it is adding enhanced programme features to its mystery shopping and benchmarking programme Secret Giver Scheme.

The Secret Giver Scheme began in April 2017 and gives member charities an insight into what their donor experience feels like through data gathered from the interactions with a Secret Giver engaged with their charity.

Data is compiled from over 3,000 supporter interactions individually logged and measured by volume, frequency, topic, mode, quality and accuracy to enable member charities to see what their supporter experience feels like, and how their supporter journey compares with the wider market.

Every member receives two confidential reports annually, which includes a full analysis of all activity for the period, with detailed, practical recommendations for the future, and highlighting any urgent areas for immediate action. One report also covers all competitor review activity to provide an on-going external benchmark and comparison for all members.

JGA is now further investing in the Secret Giver Scheme in two key ways:

Firstly, to enable wider benchmarking of competitors and give additional insights and depth to the Scheme’s qualitative and quantitative analysis, an additional ten non-member charities are being added to the benchmarking data. The Secret Giver Scheme will now monitor interactions from over 40 different charities, in addition to the member charities.

In addition to following the supporter journey of one Secret Giver, the Scheme will also now offer extra one-off donations made by other Givers to member charities to provide an extra level of insight.

The Membership cost remains unchanged at £6,500+ VAT per annum.

JGA director, John Grain, said:

“What we have learnt about supporter behaviour and stewardship over the past two years has been absolutely fascinating. The data analysis tools we are using are bespoke and as such, offer a unique profile into the winners and losers in supporter care – and ultimately the retention of donors.

“Stewardship is something we have been passionate about for many years here at JGA and we now have the data to back up these long-held beliefs: look after your supporters in the right way – and the way that they want – and they’ll stick with you. It’s a tough market out there for charities and I believe that the Secret Giver Scheme offers fantastic strategic potential for those with the foresight to understand the importance of great stewardship.”


Melanie May is a journalist and copywriter specialising in writing both for and about the charity and marketing services sectors since 2001. She can be reached via

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