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Changes to Wills Notification Service could affect charitable spend on good causes says ILM

Changes to Wills Notification Service could affect charitable spend on good causes says ILM

The Institute of Legacy Management has raised concerns over whether there will be a new Wills Notification Service in place when the Smee & Ford contract expires in under six months.

In a statement, the ILM says that no service could have a hugely detrimental effect on charitable spend and the ability of charities to help the good causes they support. Although the legacy income would reach them eventually, accounts for 2019 would be reduced and charities would need to adjust plans for charitable spend accordingly.

The ILM has been selected to be a part of the working group that will look at future models and the requirements of the charity sector moving forward.

To help establish the needs of its members and the best way to develop a new service, ILM surveyed its members and convened a working group with a range of charities. It says that it is very clear from both the survey and discussions with the working group that a lapse in service will be very detrimental to charities, and that any new service needs to be transitioned in smoothly and be similar in many ways to the existing Smee & Ford service.

ILM is now in the process of drafting a submission regarding a new service to the Ministry of Justice, outlining the concerns, which will be completed next week in advance of the first consultation meeting with the MoJ which will take place in early March.



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