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Bank of England’s short videos show how to spot genuine banknotes

The Bank of England has published a series of short films designed to help businesses and retailers to fight fraud by checking that banknotes are genuine.
The three-minute films should be useful for charities, charity shops and any individuals with responsibility for counting and checking donations.
Two new films focus on the security features of the £20 and £50 notes. According to the Bank of England, these are “the two most commonly counterfeited notes”. The Bank has previously published videos covering the security elements of the £5 and £10 notes.

£20 note’s security features

Source: Bank of England on YouTube

£50 note’s security features

Source: Bank of England on YouTube
Another film covers the security features on all current banknotes.
Source: Bank of England on YouTube
The Bank of England is encouraging businesses to view the films, to update their training resources accordingly and to pass on this latest advice to staff.


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Old banknotes

At the same time as announcing these new films, the Bank of England announced that there are still many millions of the old £5 and £10 notes unaccounted for. They can all still be accepted at many banks and at the Post Office. The Bank of England will also replace them free of charge in perpetuity when presented at the Bank.

Main image: Jane Austen £10 note. © Bank of England [2017] on Flickr.com.