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RoosterMoney & JustGiving team up to engage children with giving

RoosterMoney & JustGiving team up to engage children with giving

Pocket money tracking RoosterMoney has partnered with to encourage children to give to charity.

The app helps children manage their pocket money between spending and saving. By integrating with the JustGiving platform, as of today (15 March) it now also gives children the opportunity to go a step further, with access to over 26,000 charities that they can learn about and support through the app’s Give pot feature.

According to RoosterMoney, it has already seen children using the Give pot put aside up to 15% of their pocket money to charitable causes of their choice.

The free app is aimed at children aged four and up, and is available from the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon. It lets children keep track of their money, save towards goals and earn rewards while their parents oversee what money goes in and out of their accounts.

Neil Bannister, Managing Director of JustGiving UK said:

“Young people are already looking for new and exciting ways to support the causes they care about and encouraging children from an early age to think about giving is so important. We are excited to have teamed up with RoosterMoney to get kids giving.”

Will Carmichael, CEO of RoosterMoney said:

“We know charitable giving is a very personal issue and an important one for many families. Getting your kids into Giving can be a great opportunity to get them thinking about the causes and issues they are really passionate about supporting and looking at what impact their donations will have.”

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