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nfpSynergy releases new report on research into major donors

nfpSynergy releases new report on research into major donors

This is a boom time for philanthropy with Britain’s wealthiest people giving approximately £3.2bn to charitable causes in 2016, up 20% from 2015, according to nfpSynergy’s latest Major Donor Giving report.

The report is an updated synthesis of research into major donors and philanthropic giving following nfpSynergy’s 2012 report for the Institute of Fundraising. It pulls together key findings from recent studies into major donor giving from both the UK and the US. Among them, nfpSynergy highlights the following:

nfpSynergy’s report also highlights key recommendations from other research for charities seeking major gifts, including becoming better at asking, ensuring that experiences of serious giving are positive and reinforcing, integrating legacy promotion with other forms of relationship development, considering matched funding schemes and addressing the lack of confidence in their competence.

The full Major Donor Giving Report can be downloaded from the nfpSynergy site.


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