Marler Haley offers £500 in display equipment in charity competition

Howard Lake | 27 June 2017 | News

Display company Marler Haley has launched its annual charity competition in which it offers display equipment worth £500 to a charity.
To enter charities simply need to explain what impact winning the competition would have on their charity.
The competition is open to registered charities until 22 September 2017 at which point three finalists will be chosen. The winner will be decided by a public vote.

Previous charity competition winners Orpheus

Previous charity competition winners Orpheus Centre

Andrew Pocock, Marler Haley’s Managing Director said, “This is our seventh year running this competition and we have already helped six amazing charities including Hope for Tomorrow, the Orpheus Centre and Animal Rescue Cumbria.
“It’s never been so important to help give back to charities and this is just one small way that Marler Haley supports the vital work that charities do.
“Small-to-medium sized charities can find it hard to start their display collection, feeling that they cannot justify the expense when funds could be spent directly toward charitable aims. We understand this challenge and are working to remove these barriers to help charities succeed.”

Last year’s winner

The winning charity in 2016 was Hope for Tomorrow. Hannah Downey, the charity’s Communications Manager, said: “Winning the Marler Haley Competition will help us so much with our rebrand. With this promotional material, we can make sure that we are delivering the message of our charity clearly to everybody, to enable us to keep the wheels turning and bring cancer care closer to patients’ homes.”

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