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Opera performance for charity up for auction

Opera performance for charity up for auction

Kent Opera, a registered charity, is auctioning a performance of Verdi’s opera Otello to charities and private individuals as part of a fundraising campaign for a community project.

Pop-up opera company Kent Opera will perform the opera to the winning bidder almost anywhere, “within reason”. This could be a church hall, office building or even someone’s house.

The winning charity can of course then use the performance as a fundraising event for themselves.

Robin Pietà, Director of Productions for Kent Opera, said: “When we set out to launch this auction, we soon realised it could also be used by other charities for their own fundraising. Whoever the winner is, they can host a play wherever they want – and charge an audience however much they wish and keep all the proceeds for their own cause.”

Want to bid?

The criteria for bidding is as follows:

• The auction opens on Monday 1 May 2017 and closes on 31 May 2017

• All bids are considered binding and should be sent via email to

• In addition to the amount bid, bidders should include: full name, address, where they would like to hold the performance, and why they want the performance

• The winning bid must exceed the costs of production (£1,250) plus travel for the artists involved

• Anyone can bid within a 150 mile radius of London – or further if they are willing to cover the costs of accommodation for the cast and crew

• The cast need no more than 4m squared to perform

• Performance is available from 27 May 2017

• Kent Opera need a minimum of 7 days’ notice to perform

Kent Opera’s fundraising

The auction is being held to support the charity’s ‘Pros and Cons’ programme, where they will perform the Othello story and run a workshop using a combination of professional artists and members of the population of Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) Swaleside in Kent, later this year.


WATCH: The Community of Opera Vlog 5



  • For a similar musical opportunity see the Brandenburg Choral Festival which offers small charities the chance to raise funds by selling tickets to its concerts.
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