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Inside the success of the Pink Ribbon Foundation

Howard Lake | 8 May 2017 | Blogs

As a grant-making trust with little infrastructure, The Pink Ribbon Foundation has no office and a tiny workforce – but it does achieve impact. The Foundation makes grants to breast cancer charities and organisations. Its fundraising – from corporate partners, clubs and individuals – enables them to help 30 to 40 good causes every year.
Lisa Allen, Head of Corporate Partnerships, PR and Events at the Pink Ribbon Foundation, gave us insight into how they have achieved success – including raising nearly £1,000,000 with Hastings Direct.

Lisa Allen, Head of Corporate Partnerships, PR and Events at the Pink Ribbon Foundation

Lisa Allen: “For many smaller charities our grants make a huge difference”.

You have partnered with charities such as Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support. Can you tell us how you have supported these charities? 
Every year, the Foundation invites UK organisations to apply for grants. Approximately 110 charities have benefited from our grants, including: Bosom Buddies UK, The Haven, Cancerkin, Farleigh Hospice, The Primrose Centre and the Helen Rollason Cancer Charity.
For many smaller charities, our grants make a huge difference. They can provide a skilled programme of care, complimentary therapies, counselling for breast cancer patients and their families, up-date communication materials, extra nurses, and vital research into this terrible disease.
With finances getting tighter and charities struggling to cope with demand, there is always huge pressure on the Foundation’s resources. Quite simply, we want to support as many charities as possible. We can only continue to do this with the help of individuals and companies such as ID&C, Hastings Direct and itsu.
 Pink Ribbon Foundation home collection box
You have worked with ID&C wristbands on campaigns. Why do you think wristbands contribute to fundraising?
We are extremely grateful to ID&C, who have supported the Pink Ribbon Foundation for many years. The charity wristbands have been a valuable part of our overall branding. They have easily identified the guests attending our fundraising events, and been a way of recognising sponsors.
Recently, we have included hashtags in the wristband design, which I am sure has contributed to the rise of our social media engagement.
Can you tell us about your most successful fundraising campaign?
Ten years ago, Hastings Direct set up ‘insurePink Travel Insurance’. It came from the need for cheaper travel insurance for people who had undergone treatment for breast cancer. The Pink Ribbon Foundation helped to align the brand with the charity and £1 was donated to the Foundation for each policy sold.
Due to the success of this, home and car insurance shortly followed under the insurePink brand. We receive a £10 donation from each of these policies.
To date, Hastings Direct and its customers have raised over £900,000 to fight breast cancer. We are making plans this year to promote the magic million, which will be achieved early 2018!
The longevity of the partnership, coupled with the enthusiasm of everyone at Hastings Direct, has seen the campaign grow year on year. It is our most successful to date.
What has been your favourite campaign and why?
Our national fundraising campaign SHOOT4PINK – it is a fun way for people to raise money for breast cancer by playing any sport that uses a ball.
We want to keep women fit and increase breast awareness – starting at a young age. SHOOT4PINK events, whilst being FUN, also remind people to stay active and promote the message that a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of cancer to both men and women.
We have some exciting things planned this year around the SHOOT4PINK initiative, so keep up to date by visiting
Can you share any information about this year’s edition of your major annual event, PINKLondon?
As a prelude to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, PINKLondon2017 will be hosted in September at a soon-to-be- announced London venue. It is an exclusive event for around 400 invited individuals, celebrities, and press.
PINKLondon2017 will be the fourth collaboration between the Foundation and internationally acclaimed artist Filippo ioco. It is an opportunity to showcase his spectacular body painting photo prints, as well as to see live body painted models and amazing entertainment.
What do you advise people who are interested in fundraising in support of the Pink Ribbon Foundation?
1. Contact the Pink Ribbon Foundation. We have a wealth of experience and ideas to make your fundraising a huge success.
2. Let friends and family know your fundraising plans and encourage them to get involved in your event or challenge.
3. Most importantly, put FUN in your fundraising and enjoy supporting us – you are AMAZING!
For more information, visit the Pink Ribbon Foundation website and check out our A-Z guide to fundraising, with lots of ideas on how you can support our work.



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