The Funding Network celebrates 15th anniversary

Melanie May | 24 February 2017 | News

Audience clapping - photo: Rares Pamfil

The Funding Network celebrates its 15th anniversary this March, having so far raised over £9.8 million for more than 1,450 social change projects through its live crowdfunding events since its 2002 launch.

Over the past 15 years, The Funding Network has held over 350 live crowdfunding events in 71 locations across the world, enabling over 10,000 unique donors to give through the TFN.

Organisations funded through TFN that have gone on to do well include: The Hackney Pirates, The Syria Campaign, whose film The White Helmets is nominated for an Oscar this year, No Fire Zone, FoodCycle, and Bees for Development.


Celine Gagnon, TFN CEO said:

“It is a testament to our members’ generosity and to the voluntary sector’s resilience that TFN is still going strong after fifteen years. Our very own Fab Four – Fred, Sue, Polly and Paul – set up TFN to create social change and to make giving into a social occasion.

“Over the years, they have been joined by many more people, enabling thousands of small non-profit organisations to create long-lasting impact all over the world. With our society needing the voluntary sector more than ever, we look forward to raising more funds for more communities for the next fifteen years.”

TFN is celebrating with a special event on 16th March at the Funding Circle’s Funderbar in London. The event will see a number of projects pitching for support. Each one will have six minutes to pitch, and another six minutes to answer questions, followed by a live crowdfunding pledging session.