CAF handled more than £500m in donations for first time last year

Charities Aid Foundation has received more than £500 million in donations to charities in 2015/16, the largest total amount that the charity has processed to date.
Indeed, the level of giving among individuals and companies who use CAF to support good causes has risen for the fourth consecutive year.
The total was revealed in CAF’s annual Trustees report, which shows that:

The difference in figures is due to many donors maintaining a balance in their CAF accounts with which to donate in the future.
CAF receives and manages donations on behalf of:



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CAF in 2015/2016

The 2015/16 annual Trustees’ Report shows that:

In addition:

CAF Chief Executive John Low said:

“This incredible level of support for good cause is befitting of one of the world’s most generous countries. Much of these donations are paid out right away to tens of thousands of charities while others build up over time as people and businesses grow their philanthropic funds for the future.
“Thanks to the generosity of CAF customers we have been able to support charities making a real difference to people’s lives, whether its building schools in Uganda, providing desperately needed new affordable housing closer to home or working with retailers to ensure that good causes feel the benefit of the plastic bag levy”.