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Top Trusts 2015 lists 101 wealthiest new grantmakers

Howard Lake | 12 April 2016 | News

Prospect research specialists New Charities has published Top Trusts 2015, its latest annual directory of the wealthiest new grantmaking trusts that were set up in the past year.
New Charities found 1,133 new grantmaking trusts set up and registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales during 2015. One third of these were of little relevance to professional fundraisers, as they had a specific beneficiary focus such as a school, church or hospital, or a similar significant restriction.
This left 740 new grantmakers of possible interest to various charities. Of these 268 were detected through prospect research, and it is the 101 wealthiest of these that appear in Top Trusts 2015. They include:

There were a further 17 new corporate foundations, together with many others founded with ‘hidden wealth’ including investment managers, royalty, models and actors, and people already involved with significant foundations.
Each profile in Top Trust 2015 provides information on the charity framework as well as additional detail on the trustees.
All the new grantmakers featured in Top Trusts 2015 originally appeared in New Charities’ monthly Trust Lists. Full subscribers to the Trust List receive Top Trusts as part of their subscription. A sample edition of the Trust List is available on request.
Top Trusts 2015 can be purchased for £199+VAT) from the website.



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