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Jaffa turns oranges red for British Heart Foundation

Melanie May | 1 April 2016 | News

Jaffa oranges are turning red today, in celebration of the orange producer’s new partnership with the British Heart Foundation.
The new All-Red, a pillar box red orange, is an extension of the Jaffa Red range of oranges, and has red peel as well as segments. The colour is a result of higher levels of the pigment, anthocyanin, which gives Jaffa red oranges their red segments. The All-Red is being sold exclusively in Tesco stores nationwide.
The launch of the All-Red orange marks Jaffa’s two-year partnership with the BHF. Together with Tesco, Jaffa will be supporting all of the BHF’s bike rides including the charity’s 54-mile London to Brighton Bike Ride.
Nancy Smyth, head of events at the BHF said:

“We are thrilled at this unique way Jaffa has chosen to mark the start of our partnership. Together with Tesco, Jaffa will be supporting our entire cycling series, which includes on-road and off-road cycling challenges across the UK.”



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