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One quarter of people uncharitable, says survey

One quarter of people uncharitable, says survey

A quarter of people in the UK do not consider themselves to be charitable, and only one in ten gives to the homeless, according to a survey by Vouchercloud. questioned over 2,000 UK adults on how charitable they were: more than half of respondents (51%) agreed that they thought they were, while a quarter (25%) answered ‘sometimes’ and the remaining 24% stated that they did not think they were charitable people.

However, when asked to estimate how much they have donated over the past 12 months through financial and gift donations, and to how many charities, the results showed that the average Briton has donated £156.03 over the past 12 months to seven different charities – averaging £22.29 per charity.

The most common method of giving was putting small change into charity tins at tills and checkouts: carried out by 58% of respondents. Donating clothes via clothes bins and charity bag home pickups came second with 37%, while 29% had put money in charity collections on the street, 19% had donated by giving to family and friends doing charity events, and 11% gave to charity via monthly direct debit.

When asked whether they ever gave to the homeless, 90% said that they did not. Of the remaining 10% that did, 68% preferred to donate food and drink rather than money.



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