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Improving digital donations – top 5 tips

Improving digital donations – top 5 tips

Small changes to your donation funnel can make big differences to your income.

Creativity isn’t always about big ideas. Sometimes it’s about smart thinking to solve problems. And often in the world of it’s about micro-interactions.

Micro-interactions are the many small ways we can make it easier for a customer or supporter to complete a task or move through an online journey. A great example is making payments online, to buy things or to donate money.

In our recent seminar about increasing online donations for charities, we covered ways to help as many supporters as possible to get through a payment process successfully.

Here are the 5 top tips from that event.

1. Give people reassurance

Give people reassurance to click the ‘next’ or ‘donate’ button by using click-triggers – words or images placed near the button that give them confidence they are doing the right thing, it could be some data privacy wording or a security logo.

Donate button

Donate button with reassurance


2. Show why the donation is worthwhile

Use motivational copy or images during the process to show people their donation is worthwhile.

Motivational image to promote giving to Children with Cancer


3. Show the giving process stages

Show people clearly where they are in the process so they know what’s next. On mobiles it’s even more important to be creative with how you show progress on small screen sizes.

Christian Aid's mobile giving process


4. Use images to show direct impact

Frame donation amounts with relevant images to show a direct impact between the gift and the beneficiary. And test different images to find out which works best.

Framing giving with a relevant image


5. Show money will be well spent

Show where the money goes to give reassurance that it will be well spent.

Show where the donation will go


Vicky Reeves is Digital Managing Director at agency WPN Chameleon . WPN Chameleon design and manage donation funnels for several of the top 50 charities and provide consultancy to optimise online donation journeys.


Main image: digital giving by on


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