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Donor rights a priority but infrastructure an issue says study

Melanie May | 4 February 2016 | News

While most not-for-profit organisations agree that more should be done to protect donors’ rights, little more than half have the infrastructure in place to help them understand supporter preferences according to a new study.
Respect Your Donor, commissioned by Advanced Business Solutions (NFP), questioned trustees, managers and employees in the third sector about their approach to fundraising and their reaction to the July 2015 amendment to the UK Charities Bill that requires charities and fundraisers to state how they protect vulnerable people when fundraising.
It showed that 74% felt donor rights needed more protection while almost a third admitted that their supporters say they have contacted them too often. 23% stated that charities should communicate with their donors no more than once a month to protect their rights.
Just over half (58%) of those questioned said their organisations had the digital infrastructure in place to help them understand their supporters, with 68% of these able to segment their donor data by contact preferences.
Simon Fowler, managing director of Advanced Business Solutions (NFP) said:

“The survey findings highlight the challenges faced by charities with their fundraising practices. 42% of NFPs still do not have a digital infrastructure in place to help them understand their supporters. It is imperative that charities embrace technology to understand their donors’ preferences and therefore engage appropriately.”

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