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Government to set up central grants register

Melanie May | 27 January 2016 | News

The Government is to create a register that will make it easier for it to track the grants awarded by its various departments.
The Committee of Public Accounts’s recommendation and its acceptance by the Government was announced in a HM Treasury report following investigations into the Government’s funding of Kids Company, which closed last year. The Committee proposed a register that would enable the Government to easily identify charities receiving large amounts of government funding from single or multiple sources, and share intelligence on charities’ past performance.
Following the Government’s acceptance of the recommendation, the register should be implemented this spring. It will be called the Government Grants Information System (GGIS) and is being developed by The Grants Efficiency Programme (GEP).
The GGIS’s aims are to enable grant information to be recorded and reported across government in a simple, standardised and scalable way, to improve transparency and provide insight into government spend and help departments manage grants more efficiently and effectively. it will also provide data to help reduce the risk of fraud by improving the government’s ability to see the whole picture, so helping it to pay once only for each outcome. The GGIS is also expected to develop over time into a cross-government register, linked to an analytical system.



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