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St Vincent de Paul’s fundraising income down nearly €4 million

A drop in fundraising income saw St Vincent de Paul’s (SVP) income fall from just over €82 million in 2013 to just over €78 million last year, according to the charity’s latest accounts.
SVP, which operates on an all Ireland basis, experienced a fall in its main voluntary income source, donations, which were €19.5 million in 2014, from €23 million in 2013. SVP’s high profile church collections remained fairly static at €10.3 million. The strength of sterling against the euro realised an income gain of €0.5 million in 2014.
Also down was SVP’s legacy income which was €5.3 million last year, against €7.5 million the year before. The accounts note that the receipt of legacies is ‘irregular,’ although the accounts for previous years show that legacies are traditionally an important source of income.
Shops income increased by €2.9 million to €23.5 million with the growth attributable to existing and new shops. Government grants last year totalled €2.2 million, from €2.7 million in 2013.
The balance of SVP’s income, €9.2 million, was derived from fee income from hostels and resource centres,
SVP’s relatively low fundraising costs, €870,000 (€823,000 in 2013), is a reflection of the type of fundraising undertaken by the charity and the extensive voluntary network throughout Ireland.



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