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Movember uses location-based marketing to target potential participants

Movember uses location-based marketing to target potential participants

The Foundation, the men’s health charity, is using location-based marketing to drive awareness and boost sign-ups to its annual campaign this month, focusing on commuters and office workers.

The charity is using the real-time insights from the proximity targeting services of global location market xAd to enable it to reach the right people based on the locations they visit every day. It is using it in particular to encourage more participation in its MOVE campaign.

Two campaigns, two audiences

MOVE is an additional element to its signature moustache-growing campaign: it encourages people to commit to MOVE every day for the 30 days of November and raise funds doing so.

According to xAd, the MOVE messaging was best targeted in commuter hubs including rail, tube and bus stations from Monday to Friday, when commuters are most receptive. The different Growing a Mo message was best focused on office areas, such as Canary Wharf and Bank in London, as well as other top commercial hubs across the UK.

Movember reports that the campaign “has seen a click through rate of 50% above the industry average, and driven over 5,800 clicks to the Movember site”. Of the two campaigns, the commuter targeted messaging saw the highest engagement of the campaign.


Movember and adX partner to reach potential supporters


Paul Mitcheson, head of communications at Movember UK explained:

“With location insights we were able to identify behaviours that indicate potential participants for Movember and build a tailored campaign based on when and where these audiences are most receptive to messages from us.

“People within the proximity of commuter hubs and offices are highly relevant to Movember; often we see the moustache growing challenge start as part of an office initiative and we wanted people to think about MOVE as they were literally ‘on the move’, so train stations and commuter hubs are key places for us to find a large but targeted audience.”

He added:

“The ability to buy media programmatically is also vital, so that we could adapt the campaign in real-time based on engagement. xAd’s technology has 100% verified location data which helped us target the audience we were after and know whether or not they were within the vicinity of a train station, commuter hub or office area. This precision was essential for us to reach our target audience and obtain great results.”

Theo Theodorou, Head of EMEA at xAd explained what the technology could help organisations achieve. He said:

“Movember is using location technology not just to identify and target people in the right place and at the right time, but to understand their audience profile. The data sets derived from location information really allows brands to go much further than just knowing where someone is, to understand ‘who’ someone is and the ‘why’ they are in a certain place. This context is invaluable for marketers who need to produce targeted campaigns to stand out. Location is opening a new window of opportunity for brands to target customers based on meaningful, contextual insights.”


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