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Fundraisers to be told to respect ‘no cold calling’ stickers

The Institute of Fundraising is to add a new rule to its Code of Fundraising Practice which specifically requires that fundraisers do not knock on doors with a ‘no cold calling’ sticker or sign on them.
The new rule will come into effect from 1 September 2015. Before then the Institute will publish guidance on the matter. The new rule will state:

“Fundraisers must not knock on any door of a property that displays a sticker or sign which includes the words ‘No Cold Calling’.”

The new rule for fundraisers from 1 September 2015.

The new rule has been decided upon by the Institute of Fundraising’s Standards Committee which undertook a review to consider how to balance the need of fundraisers to ask the public for donations while respecting the wishes and preferences of individuals. It followed a Fundraising Standards Board adjudication which recommended that the Institute review its Code of Practice in relation to door to door fundraising and provide clarity on ‘no cold calling’ stickers.
Richard Taylor, Chair of the Institute of Fundraising, welcomed the new rule, saying:

“It is right that fundraisers have introduced this new rule to stop door to door fundraisers knocking on doors displaying ‘no cold calling’ stickers. As fundraisers we have to always be conscious of how we ask for money and it is absolutely essential that as part of this we respect the wishes and preferences of the public.
“Fundraisers will always need to ask the British public to support good causes, but we have to make sure that they can do so in the best and most sustainable way. Sometimes this will mean that to keep the best relationship with our supporters and the wider public that the rules for fundraisers go beyond legal requirements and I’m pleased that self-regulation can demonstrate that it is putting the interests of the donor at the heart of fundraising practice.”

Peter Hills-Jones, Chief Executive of the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA) which self-regulates face-to-face and street fundraising, added:


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“Door-to-door fundraising is a vital source of money for charities and supports millions of people in great need both here at home and abroad. While the majority of our members already observe such stickers, this is a welcome clarification that gives householders a clear way to opt-out if they choose. Complaints about door-to-door fundraising are amongst the lowest of any major form of fundraising, which is rightly a source of pride to our members. Today’s announcement however, shows that self-regulation can balance the needs of charities and the public who so generously support them.”