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First benchmarking project for society lottery sector announced

First benchmarking project for society lottery sector announced

The Lotteries Council has commissioned the society lottery sector’s first benchmarking survey with the aim of promoting learning and best practice among its members.

Looking at society lotteries and their effectiveness over the last five years, the survey will examine the different marketing methods and strategics employed by charities. In particular the research is designed to help fundraisers understand the drivers which successfully promote the retention and growth of their player base.

For the first time society lottery operators will be able to see how their lottery performs compared to others in the market.

The research will be conducted by fundraising benchmarking experts Decaid Consulting, whose founders carried out the Donor Attrition and Retention Survey (DARS) for the PFRA over several years.

The research will be carried out in two stages. First, all Lotteries Council members will be invited to submit their data by 12 June 2015. A report based on this and other research will then be circulated to members of the Lotteries Council in October 2015.

All information in the report will be anonymised, so as to protect commercial sensitivities.

Clive Mollett, Chair of the Lotteries Council, said:

“I’m delighted to welcome this initiative which we believe to be long overdue in supporting members in their quest to explore new ways of harnessing their lottery fundraising potential. This comes at a particularly apposite moment given the groundswell of enthusiasm for greater transparency to which this initiative can only make a very welcome and positive contribution.”

Rupert Tappin, Director of Decaid Consulting, commented:

“This entire process is testament to the increasing professionalistion we are seeing in the society lottery sector, as charities and operators alike strive to understand how best to engage and support their players.”

He added that 49 charities and society lotteries have already committed to participating in the benchmarking project. Decaid aimed to sign up 100 Lotteries Council members.

[message_box title=”About The Lotteries Council” color=”blue”]The Lotteries Council represents the interests of over 350 society lotteries operating across Britain. In 2013/14 society lotteries generated a record £175m for good causes, which is an increase of over £20m compared to the previous financial year.[/message_box]

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