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Givey Share transforms any digital content into a social fundraising tool

Givey Share transforms any digital content into a social fundraising tool

Online giving platform Givey has introduced Givey Share, a social fundraising function that “turns every bit of digital content into an opportunity to fundraise”.

Givey Share lets the public share digital content in a way that encourages charity donations. It “transforms every photo, article, video – or anything on the web that social media users are already sharing anyway – into a chance to donate to charity and encourage others, too”.

How does it work?

Users can simply copy the URL of a video, image, link or any digital content and paste it into Givey Share, choosing one of more than 8,000 charities to donate to. There is a minimum donation of £1 to share an element of content.

This content can then be shared on linked social media channels, allowing others to easily, within a few clicks, donate to the same or a different cause as a direct result of the content.

David Erasmus, Chief Executive at Givey explained:

“One of the obstacles for charities today is creating engaging content that is not just shared, but inspires people to donate, too. We want Givey Share to change the way we think about digital content, transforming those that share the content into digital ambassadors for the charity.

“Givey Share is the next step in social donations platforms. Millions of people share photos, links and articles that move them – what we’re doing is giving them a simple way to turn that emotion into action. With thousands upon thousands of shares, imagine if just 1% of people that shared that giraffe photo, or a link to it, donated to an animal conservation charity – and that’s just one example.”

Nepal earthquake

Erasmus added that the tool would work well to raise funds following the earthquake in Nepal, and has set up a campaign to support Tearfund’s work in Nepal.

As you can see from that campaign, people can create their own content or use existing content and share it via Givey Share. Indeed, that selfie-based campaign demonstrates how Givey could be used to further monetise selfie campaigns. While many selfies do stimulate donations, imagine how much more might be raised if each selfie raised at least £1 simply by being posted and shared on Givey.

Here is Erasmus explaining the tool:

Givey passes 100% of donations, including Gift Aid, to charities. It is free for both users and charities, with no set-up fees or ongoing charges.

The platform was launched in May 2011 at the launch of the government’s ‘Giving White Paper’ event.

Howard Lake is a digital fundraising entrepreneur. Publisher of UK Fundraising, the world's first web resource for professional fundraisers, since 1994. Trainer and consultant in digital fundraising. Founder of Fundraising Camp and co-founder of Research massive growth in giving.

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