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Denis O’Brien gave €2.7m last year

Howard Lake | 13 April 2015 | News

Irish billionaire Denis O’Brien’s philanthropy vehicle in Ireland, the Iris O’Brien Foundation, made donations of €2.7 million in 2014, down from nearly €3 million the previous year.
The Foundation, which is named after Mr O’Brien’s mother, Iris, supports charitable activity in Ireland and overseas. In 2014 domestic charities received nearly €1.6 million while overseas charities got just under €1 million.
The pattern of more support for local charities is also reflected in figures for 2013, although the charity accounts note that the directors are reviewing giving in Ireland and overseas. In Ireland the Foundation is known to be a major backer of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland with whom it shares a website.
Mr O’Brien has supported projects in Haiti, particularly after the earthquake of 2010. He is Chairman of the Haiti Action Network, which coordinates the activities of approximately 80 support organisations in Haiti.
Both Denis O’Brien’s father, Denis senior, and his mother, Iris, are directors of the Foundation.
The Iris O’Brien Foundation has no paid staff and very modest expenditure of just under €5,000. Over €162,000 of Foundation funds were not distributed in 2014.
Mr O’Brien’s wealth is estimated at €4.6 billion by the Sunday Times and as well as considerable worldwide interests in telecoms he is a major shareholder in Irish media.