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CRUK trials contactless giving through the charity shop window

Howard Lake | 22 January 2015 | News

Cancer Research UK is introducing contactless giving at four of its charity shops to enable passers-by to make donations through the window at any time of the day or night.
By simply tapping their contactless debit or credit card on the window of one of the shops, people will be able to donate £2 to the charity.
Working with outdoor media owners Clear Channel, Cancer Research UK shops in Kensington, Guildford, Marylebone and Brighton will feature the giving opportunity from 30 January to February 13 2015.

A Cancer Research UK shop with a contactless giving window

How a Cancer Research UK shop with a contactless giving window will look

The giving process involves an interactive screen which will show the supporter the positive impact their donation will have in the fight against cancer.
Neil Chapman from Clear Channel UK’s said:

‘’This collaboration is a great example of how we can leverage both existing and emerging technology along with consumer behaviour to deliver an innovative new way for Cancer Research UK to raise funding. This contactless window display is an important step towards offering brands a contactless payment solution away from their point of sale and works brilliantly with the ‘tap donation’, enabling Cancer Research UK scientists to continue their vital research.’’

Charity bricks and clicks

Charity shops have not always led the way in combining ‘bricks and clicks’ and integrating their online presence with their network of physical shops. Some charities took years even to display their web address on their shop windows, to let passers-by know that they could interact with the charity even outside shop opening times.
Some of course have integrated shops effectively with online fundraising or giving systems, such as Gift Aid on donated items and selling selected donated items on eBay.
Cancer Research UK claim that this is a world-first use of contactless giving.
Photo: contactless card by Ramon L Farinos on


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