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Nisa charity donated nearly £1 million in 2014

Howard Lake | 16 January 2015 | News

The Making A Difference Locally charity, run by convenience store networking buying company Nisa, donated nearly £1 million to 2,000 local and national charities during 2014.
Funds are raised by the independently-owned convenience stores who sell specific products, with a percentage of the money being donated by the manufacturer to the charity pot. Each store gets to choose which local charity or good cause receives a donation. The only limit is that they must be local, within a 10 mile radius.
Making A Difference Locally has been supporting charities for the past six years. So far it has raised £6.2 million.
Nisa puts down 2014’s success to a refreshed brand, redeveloped website and the appointment of a dedicated charity manager in 2014.
One local charity which received a £1,000 donation from Nisa member Filco Supermarkets was Cowbridge Community First Responders. Lynne Duance, from the charity, said:

“This money has enabled us to purchase an automated defibrillator with the aim of shortening response times- this will dramatically increase the chance of survival if a patient’s heart stops beating.”

Kate Carroll, charity manager, said:


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“The great thing about Making A Difference Locally is that donations are spread far and wide throughout the UK, not only reaching those small ultra-local charities which rely on public support, but also national charities such as Canine Partners and Teenage Cancer Trust”.

To find out if a Nisa partner store will support your charity, Nisa says that “suggestions are always welcome”. Their advice is: “Please speak to your local Nisa retailer and express your ideas – they will consider any suggestions that fit with our donation criteria”.