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FRSB seeks fundraising complaint data for 2014

Howard Lake | 9 January 2015 | News

The Fundraising Standards Board is asking its member charities to submit details of their fundraising activity and of the complaints they received about it during 2014.
The annual return must be completed by 9 March 2015. Submitting the annual complaint return is a requirement of all charity members (excluding advocate members) of the FRSB who signed up to self-regulation before July 2014.
Currently, 1,700 charities and fundraising suppliers are signed up to the self-regulatory scheme, accounting for more than half of all voluntary income raised nationally.
This year the FRSB is asking for further information about the causes for complaint in four key areas:
• direct mail
• telephone
• doorstep (face-to-face)
• household clothing/goods collections
These are the four methods that generated the most complaints in FRSB’s 2013 Complaint Report. From the near 20 billion fundraising asks made by FRSB members during the year, these four methods prompted 48,432 complaints.

2014 results

The FRSB will publish a summary of all charity fundraising complaints recorded last year by its members in June 2015.
Alistair McLean, Chief Executive of the Fundraising Standards Board, said:

“Our members are to be congratulated on their approach to public feedback, the data they record and, typically, the high standard in which they deal with any complaints. In reporting complaints to the FRSB annually, charities enable us to identify trends and common concerns about fundraising, inform the sector and to work with charities and trade bodies to prevent many of those issues from escalating.”


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The Fundraising Standards Board‘s website indicates whether a member charity’s complaint report has been submitted or not.
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