JustGiving adds social features powered by its GiveGraph™

Online giving platform JustGiving has been redeveloped as “a social platform for giving”, offering users a clutch of new features including a personalised feed, profile and social notifications. Users of the site can now see what their friends and contacts are doing on the site, who they are fundraising for and whom they are supporting.


JustGiving’s new social feed on mobile

The new functionality is made possible by GiveGraph™, “the world’s largest graph of giving behaviour”, in other words JustGiving’s data engine, gathering and interpreting data on donors and fundraisers on the site over the past 14 years. Like Facebook’s Open Graph, with which GiveGraph is integrated, this data offers a variety of methods of presenting and linking data to provide relevant, personalised content to users. It contains data on 70 million people, thousands of causes, and 285 million connections.
GiveGraph enables JustGiving to understand the relationship between different users and all the causes they support to create a tailored, personalised experience in which they can see the what their friends are doing for the causes they care about – wherever they are in the world. The closer someone is connected to a particular cause the more likely it is to appear higher up in their JustGiving Feed.

JustGiving’s new social feed on desktop

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10 million users on JustGiving

The new approach for the site came as JustGiving announced that it now had over 10 million registered users. This means it has “more registered users in the UK than Spotify, Pinterest or Airbnb”. And it is still growing, attracting over three million new users in the past 12 months alone.
JustGiving’s founder Zarine Kharas commented:

“JustGiving is a tech for good company with a mission to connect all the world’s causes with people who care. Our technology comes to life in the hands of the brilliant people who use it to show they care. So today we’re launching our new social platform: to help people discover and be inspired by the amazing things their friends do for the causes they care about.
“This new social JustGiving will help charities and their supporters reach more people, inspire more action and raise more money.”


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JustGiving and Facebook

JustGiving reports that a major contributor to its growth has been its extensive integration with Facebook. Indeed, it is the top referring source of visits to the site, driving over 42% of all traffic from 164 different countries.
In turn, JustGiving has driven 905 million stories to Facebook over the past 12 months, benefiting over 10,000 charitable causes. JustGiving claims that this raises an extra $10,000 per cause.
Not surprisingly, JustGiving plans to work more closely with Facebook “to help showcase people and the amazing things their friends are doing for the causes they care about”.
The company has published an infographic to demonstrate just how effective its integration with Facebook has become.

INFOGRAPHIC: Causes raise $100 million with Facebook + JustGiving from JustGiving