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Minecrafters’ virtual clinics to raise funds for a real Save the Children clinic

Minecrafters’ virtual clinics to raise funds for a real Save the Children clinic

Players of around the world are being invited to build thousands of virtual clinics in their worlds and help raise funds to build, equip and staff a real clinic for in Liberia. This could be the first real building to have been built by the efforts of Minecrafters.

Clinic Craft is the idea of videogame personality Dan Maher and Minecrafter Chris Doney. Inspired by Save the Children’s annual Build it for Babies appeal, they are hoping that the creativity of Minecrafters will create awareness and the necessary funds for Save The Children’s work in Liberia.


Dan Maher and Chris Doney

Dan Maher and Chris Doney


The campaign has been developed in partnership with marketing communications specialists, and boutique creative agency, Explosive Alan Productions.



Dan Maher, Clinic Craft creator and Co-Founder of Explosive Alan Productions said:

“It’s not every day that the dedicated and inventive Minecraft community can use their talents for real-life construction, but that’s exactly what Clinic Craft is all about.

“Designing a health clinic when you’re used to planning a brick-for-brick recreation of Hogwarts or devising tactics to fend off the next Creeper attack will be a real change of pace for Minecrafters, but I think they’ll relish the chance to tackle an exciting new challenge that will ultimately benefit those in need in the real world”.

How the money will be raised


Here's a clinic built earlier...

Here’s a clinic built earlier…


Minecrafters are encouraged to make a donation to the appeal, but also to invite their friends and family to support their work with a donation. In addition, they are encouraged to share videos, screengrabs and other evidence of the clinics they build via social media and to accompany those with a request to donate.

Clinic Craft encourages them to share the donation information: you can text CLINIC to 70008, or visit  for more information.

Participants can enter their creations into a competition to win prizes from Dan Maher and Chris Doney. The deadline for submissions is midnight on the 26 September 2014. 

Scott Clarkson, Special Projects Manager, Save the Children said:

“Clinic Craft brings an innovative, virtual dimension to the world of fundraising and could help connect with a whole new group of people. I’m so excited about what this idea could achieve – it has been a truly thrilling project to be a part of; Save the Children are hugely thankful to Dan and Chris who have provided a vision and idea we could never have dreamed of and to The Good Agency for making it happen.”

Minecrafters can get started by downloading a clinic blueprint from Clinic Craft.


Clinic Craft - Minecrafters for Save the Children

Follow Dan and Chris’ Clinic Craft adventure

You can follow Dan and Chris’ progress in the Clinic Craft campaign via this playlist:



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