Fundraising Camp came to London

Howard Lake | 5 May 2014 | News

UK Fundraising's Fundraising Camp logo - a banner strung between two trees against a bright blue sky
UK Fundraising’s Fundraising Camp – with no tents involved!

UK Fundraising’s Fundraising Camp came to London for the first time last week. These one-day events, inspired by the ‘open space’ and ‘unconference’ model, are being run in various towns and cities across the UK, especially locations that do not often host a conference for fundraisers.
A Fundraising Camp in London was designed to be held towards the end of the series but it was brought forward due to demand from fundraisers in and around London.
Here are highlights of the day. The next Fundraising Camp takes place in Peterborough on 13 May, hosted by SHINE and supported by Blackbaud Europe and Zequs.