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How to use the old ‘Houblon’ £50 notes

Back of the Back of Houblon £50 note - image: Bank of England
Portrait of Sir John Houblon on the reverse of the £50 note. Photo: copyright the Bank of England

An old version of the £50 note will be withdrawn this week, and the Bank of England is advising anyone who still has one “to spend, deposit or exchange it before 30th April”.

After that date, the only £50 banknote that will continue to be legal tender is the one introduced in 2011 featuring Matthew Boulton and James Watt on the reverse.

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So, charities with any Houblon £50 notes still in their possession should exchange them at their bank in the next three days. Retailers will not be obliged to accept payment in that form after 30 April 2014.


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Sir John Houblon was the first Governor of the Bank of England. He was also Lord Mayor of London and member of parliament for Bodmin.

Close up of Houblon £50 note
Close up of Houblon £50 note – www.bankofengland.co.uk on Flickr.com

Bank of England’s advice

Victoria Cleland, Head of Notes Division at the Bank of England, explains what you should do if you have an old ‘Houblon’ £50 note.