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Over 50,000 charities using Charities Online for Gift Aid

Howard Lake | 13 February 2014 | News

HMRC has announced that more than 50,000 charities have now signed up to use Charities Online, the online system introduced in April 2013 to make it easier for charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) to receive the Gift Aid on their donations.
This leaves just under 20,000 charities who claim Gift Aid not yet using the system, which became the only option for claiming Gift Aid since October last year.
Caroline Taylor, Director of Finance at the street children charity Toybox, said:
“We estimate that Charities Online has reduced the time it takes us to process these repayments by around 25%. The repayments for our online submissions have been paid into our bank account between four and seven days after submitting the claim online. Our experience of processing Gift Aid claims through HMRC Online has been very positive.”

Charities Online: the numbers

[message_box title=”About Charities Online” color=”blue”]Charities Online was introduced in April 2013 and in October that year became the only approved method of making Gift Aid claims. It is designed to make Gift Aid reclaims quicker and easier for charities. There are two options for making Gift Aid claims online using the Charities Online service, plus a paper option.[/message_box]
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4. Charities can get information on how to use Charities Online at.
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